Check out this great feature of Beth Hart in the Chicago Tribune

Beth Hart is living the bliss of a life that contains everything in a blizzard of extremes from no label to a Grammy nomination



Beth Hart’s life is the stuff of great blues songs, equal parts victory and failure, triumph and tragedy. The singer-songwriter has battled drug and alcohol addiction, struggled with a troubled mind, signed and then lost a major label deal and rebounded to Grammy-nominated acclaim. She has played for loose change on street corners and sung in the spotlight at the Kennedy Center.

“Man, being a human being is a mother isn’t it?” Hart says with a soft laugh, calling from her home in Los Angeles. She’s been sober now for five years and relies on therapy, meditation, church, medication and vitamins to help her stay that way. She’s accepted that grappling with her various demons – including bipolar disorder – is life-long and requires a balanced approach.

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