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Through Drug Addiction & Death, Music Has Always Been Beth Hart’s Constant

Beth Hart no longer feels like she’s being punished. Here the US singer-songwriter tells Anthony Carew how fortunate she feels to be alive.

It’s midnight in Paris, and Beth Hart has just played a private gig, with her longtime collaborator Joe Bonamassa, for a “really rich guy” and 1,800 of his friends, at a birthday party. It wasn’t the only birthday being celebrated, though: it’s also Hart’s 47th birthday. With another year in the books, the blues-rock singer-songwriter — famous for her voice, a wildly-expressive howl — is in a contemplative mood. All the difficulties of her youth and the success of her career feel, at this point, part of a greater continuum.

“As I’m learning more, I’m actually being more challenged than I ever was before,” Hart says. “I guess it’s about getting older. I know that I’m going to lose people that I love, I’m going to die myself, so everything seems to be getting somehow sweet, and more important, and more special, and more humbling, and more challenging, and more terrifying, all at the same time.”



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