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Beth Hart Makes Us Sweat [San Francisco Show Review]

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Beth Hart w/ Monty Byrom
Feb. 15, 2015
Great American Music Hall
Photography by Cie Martin


 “There’s nothing better than sweatin’. If you’re sweatin, you’re alive!”
Beth Hart


When the line stretches past the corner liquor store on Larking Street 90 minutes before show time, you know it’s going to be a special evening at the Great American Music Hall.


Although Beth Hart’s music doesn’t get played on San Francisco radio, her local fan base went wild last Sunday. No doubt, the next time she plays here we’ll see her at a much larger venue.


Hart has seen many ups and downs in her career. At 19, she won on TV’s Star Search, which eventually led to a record deal with Atlantic Records when she was 23. In 1999 she rose to stardom with the hit single “L.A. Song (Out of This Town),” but drug addictions, bouts with bi-polar disorder, and anorexia took a toll on her career. She’s turned that all around now, and is unstoppable.


Hart is now touring in support of her Better Than Home album (due April 14), and Sunday marked the second night of her three-month 2015 U.S. tour. If this sold-out show was any indication of what’s to follow, check her schedule, and grab your ticket now.


Bakersfield based guitarist Monty Byrom opened the evening with an edgy cover of The Beatles’ “Black Bird.” Byrom noted that he penned “Better Man” with Hart, and was playing a few shows with her on this tour.


“Beth Hart is the best fucking singer on the planet,” Byrom shouted to the crowd who roared back with approval.


Byrom fronted several 1980s rock bands including Billy Satellite, and wrote several of singer Eddie Money’s hits.


Hart came blazing out on stage to a rocking cover of Tina Turner’s “Nutbush City Limits,” and made eye contact with all of the screaming fans in the balcony who were excited to see the singer. Hart’s band consists of Jon Nichols (guitar), Bob Marinelli (bass), Julian Rodriguez (drums), PJ Barth (guitar), and Walter Thompson (Hammond/piano). Hart switched over to keyboards for a few of the slower tunes like “I’ll Take Care Of You,” and occasionally Nichols and Barth dueled it out on guitar.


Barely taking a breath between songs, halfway through her set Hart said, “There’s nothing better than sweatin’. If you’re sweatin’, you’re alive!” The combination of an exceptionally warm February night, a standing room only crowd on the main floor, and Hart’s blistering performance, left the crowd feeling like they spent the last two hours in a sauna as they headed out the doors.


To pre-order on Beth Hart’s new release and find tour info, head over to:


Set List: Nut Bush City Limits | Good As It Gets | I’ll Take Care | Waterfalls | Sick | For My Friend | Lifts You Up | If I Tell You I Love You | Mechanical Heart | Tell ‘em To Hold On | Trouble | Bang Bang, Boom Boom | Baddest Blues | Rhymes | Miss Lady /Delicious Surprise


Encore: Rather Go Blind


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